Are You New to Hockey and Want to Play?

The Bulldogs Hockey Club offers 2 programs tailored to your skill level:

Learn to Skate (LTS): this program is designed for children who have never skated before.

LTS is a comprehensive method that teaches everything from the basic fundamentals to advanced skating skills. It’s the successful system where many of World and Olympic Team members started.

Lifelong Benefits

There’s a greater appreciation for exercise. Imaginations run wild. Confidence rises. Strength grows. And there’s fun. Lots and lots of fun. Skaters gain so much more in life every time their blades dance with the ice. They learn to overcome challenges on the ice to achieve their goals off of it.

Lessons in Life

Lessons in skating become lessons in life. Like learning anything new, there will be plenty of peaks and valleys your child experiences. And that’s okay. It’s more about the journey and the process along the way that will shape our children to one day become great people.

They will discover what interests them and be encouraged to cultivate their true passions.

  • Instructor:  Lindsay O'Donoghue
  • 2 time United States National Competitor
  • 20 years teaching experience
  • Director of the St. Clair Shores Figure Skating Club
  • Have coached skaters at the World and International level all the way down to the recreational level
  • Former Director of the St. Clair Shores Basic Skills program (1999-2005).

Contact Info: odonoghuelindsay@gmail.com

Learn to Play (LTP): this program is designed for children who have mastered skating basics and ready to move on to advanced skating techniques while introducing puck handling.


What is the Learn to Play Program?
The Learn to Play Hockey program is a USA Hockey Cross-Ice Instructional program. All of our teaching and lesson plan materials are based on USA Hockey's American Development Model (ADM). Learn to Play is designed to properly train young players with a "Hockey For Life" motivation.

How does it work?
Learn to Play is based on a six station rotation. Players spend 5 minutes at each exercise working on a specific skill. The rink will then be divided into thirds for larger area 3-3 and 4-4 scrimmages. This system is active, productive, fun to play and fun to watch. There will be less down time, more moving, more playing. Small groups, small ice. Most importantly, more FUN!

All Learn to Play skaters receive "free" equipment!

Free equipment includes:

LTS: Skates & Helmet.

LTP: Skates, pants, shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin pads, jersey, socks and stick. Each player will have to provide their own jock protection.

East Side Hockey Ice Arena
4831 Canyon St., Detroit, MI 48236

Questions? Please contact:

Robb McIntyre/Director & Coach:  robbmcintyre@yahoo.com


Don Jaeger/Director & Coach:  donjaeger83@gmail.com