About Learn to Play

What is the Main Concept?

We will operate around a simple concept, Get Puck/Keep Puck, and all individual skills required to execute that concept. Our goal is to develop a desire to have the puck and a habit of keeping the puck instead of throwing it away. It is hard to keep the puck if you don't have the puck so go get the puck! Simple. Everything we do will be an effort to this goal. All fundamental skills are needed to achieve that goal so a large amount of time will be spent working on basics without being too "teachy" or boring. Drills will be movement based and age appropriate, meaning designed to be in tune with how kids under 9 learn. USA Hockey did a lot of research into this and has made the idea of age appropriate learning a hallmark of the Learn to Play (LTP).

How does it work?
LTP is based on a six station rotation. Players spend 5 minutes at each exercise. The rink will then be divided into thirds for larger area 3-3 and 4-4 scrimmages. This system is active, productive, fun to play and fun to watch.

Less down time, more playing. Less talking, more doing. Small groups, small ice. Kids won't be able to hide or get lost. The more proficient skaters will be forced to play and improve their whole game instead of leaving the pack two zones behind because of early disparities in skating that will eventually even out. The weaker skaters are always able to be a part of the action, allowing them to keep improving their entire game while their skating catches up. This all restates the original goal of LTP. House hockey will still be house hockey but it will be played better by better players. The Olympic team will still be the Olympic team, but it will be played better by better players. Wherever a player falls on that spectrum they will enter Squirts with more good habits than bad and a better proficiency in the fundamentals of individual game skills. Kids will have a more well rounded game going into Squirts than kids before LTP was instituted.

Where does my child fit?
We will use the first two weeks of ice to evaluate and separate players. Directors and coaches will group players by caliber and to an extent, by age. Movement amongst groups will be at the Director's discretion. Pace will be the primary factor for who goes with which group: older kids who play fast, older kids who play medium, older kids who play slow, younger kids who play fast, younger kids who play medium, younger kids who play slow, kids who can barely get down the rink and walkers. It will not lay out like this exactly, but it gives you an idea of the fact that 8 year olds won't be with 4 year olds and kids who play at a similar speed and intensity will play together. We will put each player in the group they fit best and make changes accordingly.

Teams & Games
We will be planning events throughout the year to add a sense of team and some dates on the calendar to look forward to for the players and families. Mini Mite and Mite cross ice Jamborees with other associations, full ice Mite age games, possible home and home weekends with Grand Rapids, Lansing, etc., events in support of local high school teams, community events, pond games, outdoor games, etc.

We understand people have concerns about "no teams and no games". We will schedule at least one day a month to play against other associations. At these events players will wear a team jersey that is different from the regular practice jersey and will promote a sense of team and pride in our association. We would love to hear your ideas or suggestions on this matter.

What about Coaches?
One of the other important duties of the Bulldogs Hockey Club LTP is to develop coaches. We will need as many adults on the ice as possible. Coaches will not have any commitment other than the USA certification and a couple hour meeting to specifically prepare for our program. Coaches will not have off ice duties, just show up, do your best, and make it fun. Those who plan to continue coaching after LTP will gain experience running small groups on small chunks of ice before they have to control large groups on large pieces of ice. They will see how small pieces fit together to make larger pieces and how to use and tweak exercises to get a desired result short term and over time. They will learn the value of a consistent, simple, and repetitive message and how to get that across to kids of various age and level. A lot of loud, excited, and busy coaches will create an atmosphere that will be fun to be around for adults and give the players no choice but to flourish as kids and hockey players.




LTP Director/Instructor

1991 Toronto Maple Leafs draft pick
1991-1994 Ferris State University
1994-1995 St. John's Maple Leafs (AHL)
Knoxville Cherokees (ECHL)
1995-1996 Knoxville Cherokees (ECHL)
Fraser Falcons (CoHL)
1991 Ferris State University Hockey School
1992-1994 Turcotte Stick Handling School
1995-1996 Advantage Player Development
1996-2002 All Pro HockeyHead Instructor
BHC I-Program Head Instructor
Allen Park Parks & RecHead Instructor
Hockey Academy of Toronto Head Instructor
1995-Present Private and Team Instruction
2008-2009 BHC House Program
2000-Present Coach of multiple teams every year from Mites to Midgets, A to AAA
8 State Championships
2 State Runner-up
14 District 3 Championships
7 District 3 Runner-up
1 National Runner-up
2 National Semi-finalist
2 International Silver Sticks Championships
1 International Silver Sticks Runner-up
Various Little Caesars' league playoff Championships and Runner-up
2008-Present University Liggett School Boys Varsity Head Coach
2 Regional finalist



LTP Head Coach/Instructor

Mite-Bantam BHC
Midget A - Belle Tire State Champions
Midget AAA- Michigan Jaguars State Runner Ups
2001-2003 Sarnia Blast (Western Ontario Junior Hockey League)
2002 All Ontario Champions
2002 Best Defenceman
2003-2007 Fredonia State University
2007 SUNYAC Champions
2007 Best Defenceman
Fredonia State University
Business Marketing Major
Sports and Exercise Science Minor
Athletic Coaching Minor
Work Experience
2006 Present Managing Partner Next Level Health & Fitness
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Coaching Experience
2001-2003 Assistant Lacrosse Coach De La Salle Collegiate
2009-10 Midget A BHC Assistant Coach LCHAL Runner up
2010-11 Midget AA BHC Head Coach LHAHL Champions


LTP - Administrator/Instructor
Phone: 313-268-0982

2008 Level 4 Coach With USA hockey
2010-11 Assistant Coach BHC Midget AA
2010-11 LCHAL Midget AA Champions
2009-10 Head Coach BHC Midget A
2009-10 LCHAL Midget A Runner Up
2008-09 Head Coach BHC Midget A
2007-08 Head Coach BHC Warriors Bantam
2006-07 Assistant Coach BHC Warriors Bantam
2002-06 Goalie Coach SCS house leagues
Played organized hockey in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia through high school.
Experience with Children
13 yrs Sunday School teacher St. Sharbel Catholic Church, Warren, MI
23 yrs Owner/Instructor United Tae Kwon Do, Detroit, Warren, Harper Woods
Business Background
B.S. Wayne State Business School
M.S.A. Business Administration Central Michigan University
Chief Executive Officer/Managing Partner HHA Services, Inc
Managing Partner Video Artists
National Motivational Speaker Chairman/Trustee to two National Boards in Washington D.C.
Consultant to multiple small businesses in the metro area