8U Hockey Program

this program is designed for children ages 8 & under who have a foundation in skating basics and are ready to move on to hockey.

What is the 8U Hockey Program?
The 8U Hockey program is a USA Hockey Cross-Ice Instructional program. All of our teaching and lesson plan materials are based on USA Hockey's American Development Model (ADM). 8U Hockey is designed to properly train young players with a "Hockey For Life" motivation.

How does it work?
8U Hockey is based on a six station rotation. Players spend 5 minutes at each station working on a specific skill and also play small area 3-3 and 4-4 scrimmages. This system is active, productive, fun to play and fun to watch. There will be less down time, more moving, more playing. Small groups, small ice. Most importantly, more FUN!

Where does my child fit?
There are 3 age groups of players: 5U(5&under), 6U(6yr olds), 8U Mites(7&8yr olds). We will continually be evaluating players at each age level to create appropriate practice groups. Directors and coaches will combine players by caliber and to an extent, by age. Movement amongst practice groups will be at the Director's discretion.

Teams & Games
5U/6U will routinely play informal games on Saturdays as well as participate in cross ice Jamborees and scrimmages with other associations.  8u Mites will be placed on a team that plays in our BHC league as well as participates in tournaments.

Walleye 3rd Day Program 

2015/2016 players looking for a 3rd skate per week.  A team or teams will be formed to play local tournaments and scrimmages separate from the BHC League.

8U Hockey Schedule

Boys & Girls 


5:00-5:45 5U (2018 & Younger)

5:45-6:30 6U (2017)

6:30-7:15 Mites (2015/2016)

7:15-8:00 Mites (2015/2016)


8:45-9:30 5U (2018 & Younger)

9:30-10:20 6U (2017)

10:30-11:15 Mites (2015/2016)

11:15-12:00 Mites (2015/2016)


Morning TBD Walleye 3rd Day  (2015/2016)

Program Options

8U Hockey Full Season (Boys & Girls)

Cost: $775 +$100 Registration Fee


  • Cost:  Registration
  • Equipment Fitting Tuesday 9/5, Wednesday 9/6,
  • 5-7pm
  • Coontact Don Jaeger to schedule donjaeger83@gmail.com

8U Hockey Walleye 3rd Day Program

Cost:  $500

(2015/2016 ONLY)


  • Cost:  $500 + Team Fees (Tournament fees, Ref fees, Jerseys ect)
  • Sunday mornings time TBD

Must also register for 8U Hockey Full

8U Hockey 6 Week Sessions (Boys & Girls)

Cost: $250

per session

Session I (9/9/23-10/16/23):

Equipment Fitting Tuesday 9/5,

Wednesday 9/6 5-7pm

Session II (10/21/23-12/6/23):

Equipment Fitting Tuesday 10/17,

Thursday 10/19 5-7pm

Session III (12/9/23-1/31/24):

Equipment Fitting by appointment only.  Contact Don Jaeger to schedule donjaeger83@gmail.com

Session IV (2/3/24-3/16/24):

Equipment Fitting by appointment only.  Contact Don Jaeger to schedule donjaeger83@gmail.com

Please contact Don Jaeger to schedule your equipment fitting.  donjaeger83@gmail.com

Along with paid instructors we will need as many parent coaches on the ice as possible for practices. We also need parent coaches to be on the bench for 8U Mite team games. Coaches need to complete the USA Hockey Coaches requirements (please see Coaches Corner Tab).

Equipment                                                                                                                                                                     All 8U Hockey players receive "free" equipment!                                                                                                    Free equipment includes: Skates, pants, shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin pads, jersey, socks and stick. Each player will have to provide their own jock protection.

East Side Hockey Ice Arena
4831 Canyon St., Detroit, MI 48236

Questions? Please contact:

Robb McIntyre/Director & Coach:  robbmcintyre@yahoo.com   313.213.4783

Don Jaeger/Director & Coach:  donjaeger83@gmail.com   313.407.3840